Thanks for Choosing PrivacyBolt!

Now we just need to collect the personal information that we need to process your opt outs and protect your privacy!

Why Do We Need All of This Information?


At PrivacyBolt, we ask for the minimum amount of information required to opt you out from all of the major Data Aggregators.  That means that we only ask for the same information required by Data Aggregators and Personal Information Brokers when you opt out from them directly. 


Of course, not every Data Broker requires all fields that we have included in our form but at least a few require each section on here which is why we included it.  The more information you provide, the better our ability to opt you out from the largest number of data brokers.


Why Do We Collect Your Name and Email Again?


You may have noticed that we collect your name and email on the payment screen and here as well.  Why?  Our payment and opt out platform are completely separate to help further protect your privacy.  Rest assured, both forms and systems use SSLs and encryption to transmit your information.

Special Note about Licenses: Certain major Data Brokers (e.g Intelius) require your license to confirm your identity.   If you do not provide us your license you will not be removed from many Intelius owned sites and large amounts of data will still be found.  If you provide your license, you should blackout or cover up the license number / ID number.